Google’s Pixel range has always placed a strong emphasis on color, from the beautiful Really Blue of the original Pixel to this year’s Pixel 6’s lovely Sorta Seafoam and Kinda Coral. However, the colors that Google offers hardly even touch the surface. What is the greatest approach to enhance the appearance of the Pixel now that a Panda repair work on a Pixel 6 Pro has us thinking?

Last week, our dear friend Max Weinbach revealed that he intended to paint the broken back panel of a Pixel 6 Pro in order to restore it. He was going to swap out the damaged Cloudy White back panel for a Stormy Black one in particular. The final outcome? Reversing the distinctive Panda design that Google’s Pixel 2 XL was known for.

Here are a few pictures of the finished product, which is really beautiful. Max shared . With the frame and camera module’s silver embellishments, the lighter top half looks fantastic with the darker bottom panel. Although I would much rather have the opposite, I would be content to wear this style nonetheless. However, he does note that the way Google designed that part caused the wireless charging coil on his handset to break during the repair process.

It also really highlights how dull the Pixel 6 Pros color options have been, at least in my opinion. While in the appropriate situation the Sorta Sunny option does look lovely, I would have delighted to see Google adopt a design along these lines.

There are, of course, more simpler methods to obtain a distinctive-looking Pixel than breaking the rear panel and later replacing it yourself, but it is still worthwhile to congratulate Google for making an effort to make this patch and other repairs simpler to undertake yourself.

Cases, skins, and several other awesome customization options are available for your Pixel, and Pixel users have undoubtedly experimented with these options. A short check of the r/GooglePixel community reveals several creative concepts. u/CK0428 recreated gave the top of the Pixel 6 Pro’s back the distinctive design of the Pixel 2 XL by utilizing a black skin, while u/FlashZordon dressed up the camera bar with a Bellroy case and dbrands Matrix skin. On the Twitter , Daniel Hurley also employed a dark leather skin to give the phone a stunning patina.

Which customized Pixel appearance is your favorite? Have a customized case or skin that gives a distinctive look? To see it, please! Show it off on Twitter by tagging @9to5Google or @NexusBen ! Some of our favorites are embedded below.

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