Google will update Maps with an EV-focused feature.

In the near future, Google Maps will receive an upgrade with a special feature for EVs. The Google Maps upgrade will partly make the app easier to use for owners of electric vehicles, even though it won’t be totally devoted to EVs.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the app update will probably first appear in the beta version of the application. Therefore, it won’t be ready for stable for at least a short period of time. Google may begin implementing this functionality in the coming weeks if you are using the app’s beta version.

Remember that it may still take days for app updates to roll out to all users. Therefore, not all users will receive it on the same day once the deployment starts.

Advertisement Google Maps will display better routes for EVS. Maps will be able to display more energy-efficient routes thanks to the new feature. Consequently, fewer car-charging stops ought to be necessary. It is comparable to routes that might offer a speedier trip. However, it certainly seems like something that is required given that gas stations are essentially everywhere while charging stations are less common.

Considering the rising number of electric vehicles that are starting to be used on public roads. 9To5Google discovered strings of code in the most recent beta APK that refer to the changes, which led to the discovery of the information regarding this new feature.

These mentions claim that the app will display routes based on engine type that use less fuel. As part of navigation, users will be able to record the type of engine. Then, more fuel-efficient routes will be presented by Maps.

Advertisement This will therefore be suitable for individuals using diesel, gasoline, and hybrid engines. According to the language, selecting an engine type won’t be necessary. However, you can do it if you choose more energy- and fuel-efficient routes.


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