Google Was Fined $162 Million For Restrictive Android Platform Practices

The nation’s competition authority has imposed a monetary penalties for anti-competitive behaviour against Google as well as a cease and desist order requiring the corporation to discontinue the problematic practices that are purportedly in violation of antitrust rules. According to the CCI, smartphone manufacturers will no longer be required to pre-install Google’s essential applications, including as Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Chrome.

Furthermore, if OEMs want to license access to the Google Play Store, the main hub where Android apps are listed for download by smartphone users, Google can no longer require them to pre-install the aforementioned apps. Additionally, it has been requested that Google remove the limitations placed on the creation of Android forks and the sale of devices running such software.

Google has been ordered by the Indian Competition Commission to stop rewarding brands who adhere to its no-fork policy with incentives or preferential treatment. More crucially, smartphone users will have the freedom to choose their preferred search engine during device setup and to change it at any time. A Google representative told CNBC that the business will review the “limited issues” raised by the competition watchdog and would then choose how to proceed. However, the company’s problems are far from done. According to The Wall Street Journal , Google has been sued in Texas for unlawfully collecting the voice and face biometrics of users.


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