Google used its Pigweed developer kit to create the Pixel Buds Pro firmware.

We now know that Google’s open source Pigweed development kit is being used for the first time in a significant way with the Pixel Buds Pro.

Pigweed, an open source set of libraries or modules designed to make it simpler to write for embedded devices, was first introduced by Google in 2020. Pigweed can be thought of as a kind of startup kit for building a new device.

Pigweed was only just advanced enough for Google to release it publicly at the time, and it was thought to still be in the early stages of development. As a result, the project was not deemed to be ready for production. Even though some of Pigweed’s modules are currently shipping in production, more than two years later, the projects homepage notes that Pigweed is still under early access.

In fact, users of Google’s Pixel range have recently been able to get their hands on a gadget that employs Pigweed. We discovered an intriguing new mention of Pigweed when researching the most recent Pixel Buds app update, according to our APK Insight team.


Google’s internal codename for the Pixel Buds Pro is Allegro. That suggests that Google worked with the Pigweed project to create the firmware for the Pixel Buds Pro. The Pixel Buds Pro do in fact employ the Pigweed project, according to Google.

Unfortunately, Google withheld information about which specific Pigweed module is used in the Pixel Buds Pro software. Only references to pw_sync , which is used to synchronize tasks across threads, have been found so far.

Additionally, it’s nice to see Google continue to leverage open source software in its own products, allowing independent developers to experiment with creating gadgets using some of the same equipment as the Made by Google team. Pigweed should also inspire confidence in other people because Google is employing it in important projects like the Pixel Buds Pro.

The author of this article is Dylan Roussel .
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