Google updates Gmail for Android to include a storage indicator.

A new storage usage indicator for Gmail for Android lets you see how much of your storage is currently being used. The signal has been around for a while on the Gmail website. Additionally, it has long been available in other Google products like Drive and Photos.

Google just launched rolling out , a storage counter for the iOS and Android platforms. It isn’t yet readily accessible, though.

An additional indicator that displays the amount of available space is added after tapping on your profile avatar and the account switcher area. It is immediately below the button to manage your Google Account.

Advertisement STORAGE USED INDICATOR NOW AVAILABLE FOR GMAIL ON ANDROID The indication, as seen in the screenshots, displays the percentage of your available space that has been utilised. Tap on the indicator to get a detailed report about the space that has been used. The Google One page to manage your storage then appears.

You can view how much storage you’ve used across Google Photos, Gmail, Drive, and other Google products on this page. Touch on Clean up space to make more room available, and tap on Get storage to get more storage.

Because it is a useful signal for telling users about their used space, Google may decide to add this feature to other applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Advertisement The storage indicator has begun to be rolled out to Gmail today. However, it can take some time before it is accessible to all people worldwide. Now you may look for availability on the Play Store or App Store.

Speaking of Gmail, Google has begun implementing the Material You redesign for the web version of the service. Along with some other useful improvements, the new design provides the platform a more contemporary appearance. Additionally, Gmail has added a ton of new features recently, such as search filters for quicker searching and image alt-text.


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