Google TV might sign into your apps and services automatically.

One of the many things that Google performs for you is logging into accounts. With the same Google account, Google will take care of entering your credentials when you download an app onto a new device. Google TV may now sign you into your accounts automatically.

You should take this with a grain of salt because it was found in an APK deep-dive . In the most recent iteration of the Google TV setup app, Google possesses the code. That doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the general public will see it, though. Google might remove the app’s code at any time.

Google TV may sign you in to your apps and services automatically. It’s great and thrilling when you first acquire a new smart TV, but then you discover you have to sign into all of your services. After that, you dread having to sign into your 15 other subscription services, like Netflix, Disney , DROPOUT by Collegehumor, Prime Video, and more. Everyone is aware of how annoying using the TV remote to log into your services is.

Advertisement Now that they are truly smart, smart TVs allow you to sign in using your phone. Signing into your services is significantly less stressful now, but Google wants to make it even quicker.

Google TV will sign you into your services automatically if this feature is released. In this manner, you can avoid utilizing QR codes or visiting /activate URLs. Additionally, you may forget about using the TV remote to type in every letter and number.

Now, it’s impossible to predict if this film will ever air during prime time. The following code is found in the Google TV setup app’s source code (v1.0.4508):

Advertisement During setup, the following apps will be loaded on your TV: percent 1$s. Apps for your subscriptions will also be installed in addition.
Your Google Account-linked devices’ app information will be used to install and sign in to these apps on your TV.
You can guarantee that Google will publish a post or make an announcement if this functionality does indeed launch.


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