Google TV and Stadia integration deepens Support for Stadia Controller

In order to provide tighter interaction with the Google Stadia controller for the Chromecast with Google TV, Stadia has improved its Android TV experience.

One benefit of using the Chromecast Ultra that came included with Stadia’s Founders Edition and Premiere Edition is that, after syncing your Stadia Controller with it, you can use the controller to launch Stadia right away. Since the pairing code doesn’t change, simply turning on your controller would connect it to the Chromecast and instruct it to launch Stadia.

An Android TV app for Stadia has long been available, enabling play from gadgets like the Chromecast with Google TV as well as many other set-top boxes and televisions. The Stadia Controller could only connect and work properly with the Android TV experience—unlike the Chromecast Ultra—while the app was active.

Something has changed with Stadia’s Android TV experience to make it more comparable to the Chromecast Ultra, as seen over the weekend by PapaBear Gaming . Now, regardless of whether the app is active, the Stadia Controller may be connected over Wi-Fi to gadgets like the Chromecast with Google TV.

In order to wake their Chromecast with Google TV and turn on their HDTV, PapaBear Gaming continues to demonstrate this feature in action utilizing only the Stadia Controller.

Notably, the account selection screen doesn’t appear to be handled by the procedure in a fluid manner. If Stadia has recently been launched, the program may occasionally skip the question about which account you want to use. If not, the account selection screen is displayed but cannot be navigated using the Stadia Controller. Overall, there is still some space for improvement even though it is a wonderful addition in theory.

This Stadia upgrade has so far only been identified on Chromecast-enabled Google TV devices. It’s unclear whether this was made possible by a change to the Stadia for Android TV app, which was most recently updated in May, or a change to Chromecast with Google TV.

Let us know in the comments if the improved Stadia Controller support is working for you if you have a standard Android TV or another Google TV device.

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