Google TV allows you to view your Nest cameras directly from your Chromecast: This is how.

Users may now watch their new Nest cameras live on their TVs thanks to a recent upgrade to Chromecast with Google TV. With this function, you can keep up with what’s happening in and around your house while still sitting comfortably on the couch. Here’s how to use your Chromecast to do it.

This week marks the ninth anniversary of the Chromecast product line as this new Chromecast update is released. Users of Chromecast with Google TV can take advantage of the added feature to have Google Assistant show your second-generation Nest cameras live feed on the TV. Before attempting to perform this on your own Chromecast, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, this function is for Google TV and Chromecast. This feature most likely won’t work with older Chromecasts. Google Assistant can sync and display your Nest cameras because Chromecast with Google TV runs on its own OS and has its own operating system. Older Chromecasts required you to utilize a Google Assistant speaker like the Nest Mini or cast content from your device to the TV.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this feature will work with both the newest Nest gadgets and the original Nest cameras. Here are the new compatible Google Nest cameras that will enable you see their live feed through your Chromecast:

Indoor and outdoor Nest Cam (battery) Nest Cam Indoor (wired) (wired) Floodlight-equipped Nest Cam Doorbell Nest (battery) VIEWING THE CAMERA FEED FROM YOUR NEST ON A CHROMECAST The only way to check the status of your Nest cameras right now on Chromecast with Google TV is to utilize Google Assistant. Undoubtedly, the goal here is simplicity, but we’d really want to see a Home app for Chromecast. However, here’s how to use Google TV and Chromecast to view your Nest camera live view:

Start Google TV when your Chromecast is active. The Chromecast remote’s Assistant button should be pressed and held down. Request a camera display via Google Assistant. Make an effort to be specific. Say something like, “Show me my front door doorbell,” for instance.

The request will be processed by Google Assistant, and then your camera will show up. It appears to be a genuinely handy way to check the cameras after trying it a few times, especially if you have a Nest Doorbell.

There isn’t much latency, so there isn’t much time between movement and when it shows up on your screen. It’s simple to hear what’s happening outside or in the adjacent room thanks to the clear audio pickup. One thing to keep in mind is that, unlike with the Google Home app, you cannot speak over the Chromecast. This transmission is primarily one-way, so you can only observe. However, the feature seems to be operating flawlessly and can undoubtedly be helpful in some situations.

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