Google Teases Mysterious Device in FCC Filing

According to a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) file for a “wireless device,” Google appears to be working on a new smart home product.

According to the few hints Google sprinkled across documents (Opens in a new window) filed with the FCC last month, the corporation is probably getting ready to release a new Nest smart home device.

As 9To5Google reports (Opens in a new window) , mysterious device G28DR, referred to as “Equipment Under Test” (EUT), is approved for use with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but not with NFC or UWB, which are other popular connectivity choices (ultra-wideband). Google submitted a total of seven exhibits to the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology (OET): three test reports, two cover letters, a label sample, and information on radio frequency exposure.

One document that tipped a 3.65-volt battery describes using a USB cable to link the G28DR to a Dell laptop, indicating that the EUT can be charged via conventional techniques.

But it’s not obvious what Google is preparing precisely. Since the company’s annual developer conference was held in May, we can presumably rule out any additional Pixel goods, and the Chromecast series is also improbable given that this new gadget has a battery.


That leaves Nest, a platform for smart learning thermostats and smoke alarms that Google purchased in 2014 for $3.2 billion. confirmed last year (Opens in a new window) was a second-generation wired-only Nest Doorbell with 24/7 recording, thus other potential upgrades include a new camera, thermostat, speaker model, or possibly a whole new category of gadget. It may be some time before we learn exactly what kind of device this is because the FCC documentation stipulates that device images and the instructions must remain under lock and key until January.

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