Google Teases an Android 13 Launch in September

It appears that Android 13 will be released in September. In any case, the stable version will. People over at 9to5Google detected something in Google’s release notes, which is how this information was discovered.

Google released the August 2022 Security Bulletin along with the Android 13 Security Release Notes. These hints do point to a September release for Android 13.

A BIG HINT CAME FROM GOOGLE. IN SEPTEMBER, ANDROID 13 WILL BE RELEASED The notes describe Android device vulnerabilities that are fixed as part of Android 13. Furthermore, the 2022-09-01 security patch level is the clearest indication that Android 13 would be released in the following month.

Advertisement It states that these issues are guarded against by Android 13 devices with a security patch level of 2022-09-01 or later (Android 13, as released on AOSP, will have a default security patch level of 2022-09-01).

Of course, we can’t be really certain just now. For instance, Android 12 was published to AOSP in early October of last year, and a Pixel upgrade followed two weeks later. This nevertheless gives us hope.

Ahead of schedule, even the public-facing beta program began. The fact that the Beta program is accessible to the general public gives us optimism. It began earlier for Android 13 than it did for Android 12, which most likely indicates that the stable upgrade will follow suit.

Advertisement This time around, there have only been two developer previews, and the first beta came out a month before Google I/O 2022. (which occurred in May). Google stated that the fourth Beta was the last one users will see before the stable build when it was released last month.

Android 13 won’t precisely be a significant OS upgrade; Android 12 gave us something similar. However, Android 13 will add a fresh layer of gloss along with some new security and standard features.

Those of you who have used OS beta versions are aware of what to anticipate. The Beta 4, despite not being (for most people) stable enough for daily usage, can offer you a great indication of what to expect next month.



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