Google states that some Pixel phones require an additional Android 12 upgrade before receiving Android 13.

Yesterday, Google released Android 13 for Pixel users, but it appears that not all Pixel users are receiving the update properly. Instead, there are increasing numbers of claims from Pixel owners who say that they received an Android 12 upgrade.

Update: Google tells us in a statement this afternoon that the allegedly incorrect Android 12 update is actually designed for those devices using an earlier version. Users must apply this update after receiving it, and Google is striving to make the update’s explanation more clear in order to reduce confusion. After that, Android 13 is being released (over the coming weeks).

An update with bug patches for Android 12 that had already been launched was made available to Pixel smartphones running an older version of the operating system on August 15. With the timing of Android 13, the messaging in the notification was unclear, and it is now being revised for clarity.

The Android 13 version, which began rolling out to all supported Pixel smartphones yesterday and will continue over the coming weeks, is distinct from this upgrade. When the OTA is prepared for their device, users will be notified. Users are urged to upgrade and check their Android version in order to get the most recent software as it becomes available for their carrier.

Owners of Pixel devices can get Android 13 via standard methods like sideloading or the integrated OTA tool. However, there are numerous stories of Google Pixel customers receiving an update to Android 12 in place of the latter.

Searching for the issue on on Twitter to find several reports just takes a few minutes, and there are a few threads on the r/GooglePixel subreddit regarding the same problem that are expanding. When Pixel users check the settings menu for an update, they are then informed that they can update to Android 12.

Of course, they are already using Android 12, as that is the current version.

Others have speculated that perhaps it’s only a cosmetic issue, and it’s truly the Android 13 update behind the scenes, even if the incorrect version shows the changelog for Android 12 and even weighs in at over 2GB for some. Regrettably, it doesn’t seem to be the case. At least check their Android version 0 tried the upgrade, but by the time it was finished, they were still using Android 12.

Owners of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro tend to be the ones who are most commonly affected by this issue, although it also affects several check their Android version 1 smartphones, proving that it is not a unique problem. Even while the problem affects older Pixels, we are not convinced that this is related to Google’s August update that was installed on top of Android 12.

Even while this kind of thing isn’t entirely unusual, it’s nonetheless strange. Google will very certainly have a fix in the next day or so, but if you’re desperate for Android 13, we have a detailed instructions on how to install the update in the interim.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT ANDROID 13: The original title read: “Some Google Pixel owners are receiving an incorrect Android 12 update instead of Android 13.”

This article was written by Abner Li.

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