Google secretly reveals the existence of the “Gabledorsche” Bluetooth stack when Android Automotive OS 13 becomes official.

Earlier this month, Android 13 debuted on Pixel phones. It has since made its way to AOSP, where it will be utilized by manufacturers of other Android smartphones and for further iterations of the operating system. Google has now formally unveiled Android Automotive OS 13 and stated that the Gabledorsche Bluetooth stack, which has been in development for a while, is now available in Android 13.

WHAT’S NEW IN ANDROID AUTOMOTIVE OS 13? For automakers using the platform, Google posted this week a full changelog for Android Automotive OS 13 confirms what’s new in the release.

Numerous updates are listed in the changelog, but some of them may be helpful to drivers, such as support for UWB, which may be used for keys or other features, and a new Privacy Dashboard to display how rights are being utilized.

The app that enables cars with Android Automotive OS to run the standard Android Auto UI in situations like renting a car or borrowing a car is another intriguing advancement related to Android Automotive OS 13. Google clarifies:

It can still be useful to utilize Android Auto on your phone in cars that offer Google Automotive Services directly on the car screen. In some cases, it could be simpler to connect your phone to the car’s infotainment system so you can quickly access your accounts and preferred apps.

Despite the fact that the program was really released last year, Mishaal Rahman noted on Twitter that Android Automotive OS 13 has improved projection support, which supports this app in particular.

THE RESURRECTION OF GABLEDORSCHE BY ANDROID 13 Describe Gabledorsche. It’s a brand-new Bluetooth stack that Google originally made available as an optional setting in Android 11. Although Gabledorsch’s advantages over the previous Bluetooth stack, Fluoride, are not substantial, it does appear to be superior for scanning, which is becoming an increasingly crucial function for our mobile devices.

As a side note, the name Gabledorsche has an interesting origin story, which writer Kyle Bradshaw explained in 2020. Sweyn Forkbeard, son of Harald Bluetooth Gormsson, is the source of the name, which is Forkbeard translated to Gabledorsch. It’s a great method for Google to show that the Bluetooth stack for Android is moving forward.

Leaving away that interesting fact, Android 13 comes with Gabledorsche is in use by default, with the OS eliminating the old setting that enabled the stack. Despite spelling it incorrectly, the Android Automotive OS 13 changelog affirms that Gabledorsche is in use.

Android 11 Gabeldorsche
Long live Forkbeard!

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