Google reportedly contemplates shifting 10–20% of the production of its Pixel smartphones to India.

Over the past few years, Google Pixel manufacture has alternated between China and Vietnam, but it now seems the corporation is considering a new location. A recent report suggests that some Google Pixel manufacturing may relocate to India.

According to The Information , Google is considering beginning the production of 500,000 to 1 million Pixel smartphones in India. According to the source, that would account for 10–20% of Google’s yearly Pixel shipments.

For between 500,000 and 1 million Pixel smartphones, or 10% to 20% of the device’s expected yearly output, Google has requested bids from manufacturers in India.

Prior to this, Google produced its Pixel devices mostly in China, but also in other Asian countries. In 2019, Google made its first attempt to leave China with the intention of making its devices in Vietnam. The Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 were subsequently said to be made in the nation. The Pixel 6 series, however, returned to China as a result of COVID-19’s secondary effects in the meanwhile.

Google is currently trying to flee the country once more.

According to a rumor from this week, Google is considering setting up shop in India, but nothing is official just yet. According to a source with knowledge of Google’s manufacturing, the COVID-19 lockdowns still in effect in China have caused the business to “experience delays procuring components for several of its products.”

Sales of the Google Pixel in India could benefit greatly from the company moving some of its production there.

India levies a high 20% import tax on cellphones built outside of the nation, thus Google may be able to provide more affordable prices if they manufacture their products there. The Pixel 6a was Google’s first smartphone to be released in India in almost three years, but its cost was significantly more than that of rival products there.

According to reports, Pixel shipments in India barely exceeded 100,000 last year, but have been slowly rising globally as a result of the success of the Pixel 6.

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