Google provides a peek of the I/O 2022 itinerary, keynote speakers, and sessions.

Google released a glimpse of I/O 2022’s agenda this afternoon, which is only two weeks away.

On May 11 at 10 a.m., Sundar Pichais Google I/O keynote will kick things off. There was no end time indicated, but the Developer keynote does.

Watch to learn how we’re advancing our goal of organizing the world’s information and making it helpful to everyone.
Next are the What’s New keynotes, which cover:

Android : Get the most recent information on all of the developments affecting Android development, including Android 13, Jetpack, tools, performance, and more! Firebase : Discover how to create and manage apps that people adore using Firebase, a platform made to support you at every stage of your business’ development. Flutter : Discover the most recent Flutter developments, such as how to create stunning native apps for several platforms with a single codebase. Learn about Google’s investments in the web platform in Web . AR : Learn more about the most recent upgrades to Google’s developer platform for augmented reality, ARCore. Google Play : Learn about fresh features made to make developing safer apps and maximizing user acquisition, engagement, and revenue easier. Chrome OS : Discover how Google encourages creativity with Chrome OS and makes it possible for developers to succeed with tools and advice. Google I/O keynote 0: Learn about the new phase of Google Home, the finest platform for smart home developers to create and experiment. Google I/O keynote 1: Google Pay and payments in general are both evolving all the time. Come to this session to find out more about the updates to Google Pay. All keynote speeches, product launches, and learning lab materials will take place on the first day of the conference. The next day at 9 a.m. PT, all technical seminars will be accessible on-demand. To add a bookmark to your My I/O, tap the bookmark icon on each session page.

In previous years, today’s drop should only serve as a first glance at the program, with the complete session list following the main keynote address. That seems to be the situation once more for 2022. Other noteworthy sessions comprise:

Google I/O keynote 2: Learn how the next iteration of Android will make it easier for you to produce engaging animations and predictive back navigation. Google I/O keynote 3: Compose for Wear OS (Beta) and Health Services provide an introduction to contemporary, power-efficient Wear OS development. Google I/O keynote 4: Learn more about Health Connect, a fresh set of APIs meant to make it easier for you to contact more Android users. Updating

The dates for Google I/O 2022 are May 11–12, and 9to5Google will provide in-depth coverage, so tune in.

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Google I/O keynote 6


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