Google Pay is being replaced with Google Wallet for Android users.

Android customers are now starting to receive Google Wallet, the company’s new digital wallet and payments software that will replace Google Pay. The software debuts as a Google Pay update and was announced at Google I/O 2022 in May. The old Pay app gets a new logo, more functions, and numerous other updates.

The goal of Google Wallet is to create a one-stop shop for all digital goods. Perhaps the corporation wants the Wallet app to take the place of your actual wallet given that almost everything is digital. Like any other payment software, it can store your credit and debit cards and process transactions. But in addition, Wallet can keep track of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, concert tickets, boarding passes, transit passes, vaccination certificates, loyalty cards, and even digital auto keys.

Overall, Wallet is an improvement over Google Pay, thus it makes sense for the business to use the former instead. While having much more storage for digital products, contactless payments can still be made in the same manner.

Advertisement This replacement, though, isn’t occurring everywhere. Google will make both Wallet and GPay available in the United States and Singapore. Be aware that Google Pay is not the same as GPay. Originally created for India, the latter enables peer-to-peer (P2P) payments in addition to contactless transactions. Google isn’t replacing GPay with Wallet in India because of how well-liked it is there. It’s possible that the new Wallet experience won’t ever reach the nation.

In all 40 nations where Google Pay is offered, excluding these three, Google Wallet will take the place of Google Pay. In 39 of nations, the deployment has already started, and Japan will soon follow. Over the coming days, the replacement ought to be available to all eligible users.

In most countries, Google WALLET is replacing Google Pay. You should soon receive an update to Google Wallet if you use Google Pay in one of the 40 countries indicated on the left side of the graphic below ( via ). On the Play Store, you can look for the update. In the upcoming weeks, Wallet will be accessible to US and Singapore residents as a distinct app.

Advertisement It’s simple to add your credit cards and transit passes to Google Wallet. This is possible within the app. However, you will need to click on specific links if you want to upload your event tickets, plane passes, and other digital products. A later version will add support for digital state IDs, driving licenses, and other documents.


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