Google Music Replay the carousel drop for a denser grid {U}

With a new grid layout for the Listen again shelf, YouTube Music is bringing some visual variety to the visually boring Home feed on Android and iOS.

Update 5/2: On iPad and Android tablets, YouTube Music now uses the same Listen again grid layout.

Update 5/1: After using Listen again for a few days, we’ve seen that up to 20 songs, albums, playlists, and artists (identified by rounded cover photos) may show up. This shelf may take up the top/first spot in your Home feed, depending on the refresh.

YouTube Music Listen again

Original 4/28: Listen again previously used a smaller, cover-art-only carousel to display albums, playlists, and songs from your recent history than YouTube Music’s normal one.

Currently, YouTube Music uses a 32 grid layout, which typically displays 10 items overall. However, on one refresh, we saw 13 items. It is only little taller than a typical carousel, but instead of seeing two pieces at once, you see six. The Quick selects grid, which displays four tracks at once and was the previous density champion, is less dense than the Listen again grid.

YouTube Music Listen again
YouTube Music Listen again

The artist is not listed underneath the cover art; only the song or album name is. As before, playing a song is initiated immediately by tapping on it in the indicated area. A tiny carousel is still used in YouTube Music’s tablet-optimized versions for Android and iOS.

It aids in differentiating the main stream and now appears to be seeing wide mobile availability . This lessens the amount of application browsing you must do. After refreshing Home, the new Listen returned for me on Android this morning after not being there the night before.

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