Google might be developing a second “Pro” Pixel tablet for the following year.

Our team has uncovered indications that Google may be developing a second Pixel tablet for 2019 that will be known as a “Pro” model.

The Pixel tablet Google promised will be released in 2023 has been highly anticipated by fans of the Pixel series ever since Google I/O. The device’s development has been closely monitored by us, and we previously mentioned how it would function as a Google Assistant smart display similar to the Nest Hub.

Nevertheless, Google has been attempting to highlight the ways that large-screen Android devices, and particularly tablets, may become useful for productivity since since the initial release of Android 12L at the beginning of the year. With Google unveiling new tablet-focused widgets for Keep and Drive, this has persisted until today.

Up until now, a lot of the rumors around the Pixel tablet have suggested that Google would prefer to keep prices low by using lower-end technology. After all, it primarily aims to supplement the Nest Hub Max’s capacity to manage video chats by acting as an additional screen for movies, TV, and other media in your smart home.

According to what we have already discovered, the Pixel tablet’s camera capabilities will not be on par with those of the most recent Pixel phones. In this hypothetical situation, the Pixel tablet would resemble the Pixel 6a more so than a flagship device, making it less of an example of what Android tablets are actually capable of.

For those who want the 2023 Pixel tablet to be a productivity machine rather than a replacement for the Nest Hub, there is thankfully still some hope. Google released the first beta of the upcoming quarterly update for Android 13 today. Our APK Insight team discovered proof of the “tangorpro” codenamed upcoming Pixel smartphone inside.

For background, we know that “tangor” is the codename for the Pixel tablet that Google unveiled in May. The fact that “tangorpro” exists definitely suggests that Google is working diligently on a “Pro” version of the Pixel tablet. As additional proof, Google also abbreviated “tangor” to “t6,” and the current Android 13 Beta has references to “t6pro.”

With the release of the Pixel 6 Pro last year, the trend of “Pro” editions for Made by Google products started, and it has most recently been continued with the Pixel Buds Pro. The larger Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro both used the same processor, but the larger model had a better display, additional RAM, and a telephoto lens.

The Pixel tablet and its “Pro” version will not share the same rear camera sensor, which is the only distinction we can currently make between them. Unfortunately, we are unable to ascertain exactly which sensor is meant for the “Pro” model just yet. The Sony IMX355 sensor, which is also used in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 6a, will be utilized in the lowest model Pixel tablet, as we’ve previously reported.

Beyond that, we have no other information on the alleged hardware upgrades of this premium tablet. It’s probable that this “tangorpro” will also have a better display and more RAM, similar to the Pixel 6 Pro. There’s even a potential that the entry-level tablet will employ the first-generation Google Tensor from last year, while the “Pro” version would have the future Tensor G2.

The strongest hint we’ve had regarding pure productivity came from Rich Miner, the “CTO of tablets” for the Android team, who described a vision of “tablet-first” experiences. Building for devices with dedicated styluses is a big part of this, and we’ve previously speculated that Google might include USI (Universal Stylus Initiative) support to its Pixel tablet series.

Fortunately, we should not have to wait long to find out more about the “Pro” Pixel tablet if Google does want to release one after all, as the firm plans to hold an event in October to display the latest Pixel and Nest products.

Tell us in the comments what you’d want to see Google prioritize for a high-end Pixel tablet running Android.
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