Google Meet live sharing is now available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

You can now test the live sharing feature that Google Meet released at the beginning of this month on YouTube. Live sharing enables all meeting attendees to interact with the video that is being broadcast.

If you have YouTube Premium installed on your Android device, go to Settings by tapping your profile avatar. Then select Try new features. (You can also join on the web , however at the moment this feature is only available on Android.) While pinch to zoom will no longer be available starting tomorrow, you may still experiment with watching YouTube and using Google Meet.

YouTube is seen while using Google Meet live share with peers.
The feature may take some time to completely operationalize after being enabled:

On your Android phone, start a Google Meet call and invite your pals. Launch the YouTube app. Find a video you want to watch and start it. When prompted, affirm your desire to begin a Meet live share session.

Google Meet live YouTube

Google Meet live YouTube
Google Meet live YouTube

Co-watching video functionality for Samsung devices with Google Duo was initially introduced at the beginning of this year. Additionally, users can play games like Heads Up!, UNO Mobile, or Kahoot! and create a Spotify playlist.

When you open a meetings overflow menu, it joins already-existing elements like surveys and Q


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