Google Maps receiving thorough information on cycling routes and overhead views of places

In addition to location sharing notifications, Google Maps will soon have access to roughly 100 aerial views of famous locations as well as more precise information about cycling routes.

For more than 12 years, Google has provided bicycle directions, and the business reports that usage of this mode of transportation has surged by more than 40% globally in recent months.

You can now compare bike routes and get high-level summary like More bike lanes or Less turns thanks to new information. Google Maps will provide both a high-level summary and specific information for each leg of the journey:

A graph is provided in the section under “Very steep hills,” marking the highest and lowest places. A percentage of designated bike lanes, shared paths, main roads, and small roads can be found on roadways. Also indicated will be any stairs. Additionally, you’ll be able to obtain a thorough description of the route itself, allowing you to quickly determine if you’ll be biking on a major highway or a local street. The days of unknowingly pedaling up a challenging climb or along a road with more traffic than you’re used to are long gone.

In the upcoming weeks, Google Maps will begin distributing this additional route data for the hundreds of cities that offer bike directions.

Google, meanwhile, is now releasing photorealistic aerial shots of about a hundred well-known landmarks. Sites in Barcelona, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo are included in this. This, according to Google, is a forerunner of the immersive view that it presented at I/O 2022. What’s debuting today doesn’t have the capacity to see the weather, how a place changes during the day, or how busy it is. Additionally, inside views are not yet available.

Let’s say you’re considering a trip to New York. This update will give you a better idea of what the Empire State Building looks like up close so you can decide if you want to include it in your travel plans. Anywhere they are available, search for a landmark on Google Maps and go to the Photos area to see an aerial perspective.

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