Google lists screen covers that are “certified” to function with the fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6a {U}

The under-display fingerprint sensor has become one of the more contentious issues with the Pixel 6, which is now just over a week old for the majority of users. Screen protectors are causing some people problems, therefore Google has created a list of manufacturers whose products are approved for use with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Update 7/29: With the release of the Pixel 6a, Google has added updated to its list of screen protector companies that have earned the Made for Google seal. The current list is as below:

Bigben (Europe): 2.5D screen protector for the Pixel 6 ( 19.99 ) Screen shield for the Pixel 6 Pro in 3D ( 24.99 ) BodyGuardz PRTX Premium Synthetic Glass Screen Protector for the Google Pixel 6 Pro ( $44.95 ) Case-Mate Protection Pack for the Pixel 6 Pro ( $45 ) Protection Pack for the Pixel 6a ( $40 ) Clearly Protected Film Screen Protector for the OtterBox Pixel 6 ( $19.95 ) Clearly Protected Film Screen Protector for the Pixel 6 Pro ( $19.95 ) Alpha Flex Antimicrobial Screen Protector for the Pixel 6a ( $44.95 ) Panzerglass Pixel 6 Google PanzerGlass ( updated 0 ) Google Pixel 6 Pro TPU Film, PanzerGlass ( updated 1 ) TBD Power Support Google Pixel 6 ZAGG Glass Elite ( updated 2 ) Fusion Curve for Google Pixel 6 Pro with D3O ( updated 3 ) Pixel 6a Glass Elite ( updated 4) 1.17.22 Update: Clarifications regarding brands and names have been added to the Google Support post once more. Although the Pixel 6 version is still out of stock and the 6 Pros is not yet on the market, Zagg is now called InvisibleShield, while ImpactShield is now Tech21. Case-Mate has been included in the interim.

Update 11/15/21: ImpactShield has been added to the list by Google. Since Tech21 does not currently sell Pixel 6 screen protectors, we think that this is referring to RhinoShields Impact Flex Screen Protector.

11/6/21 original The Google Support page on how to updated 5 only provided the following information about which screen protectors are compatible with the Pixel 6 as of late Thursday:

For compatible screen covers, visit the websites of the Made for Google manufacturers.

Google has just provided a link to the updated 6, which has accessories built and tested to sync with your Pixel phone, necessitating manual browsing.

Fortunately, the part was updated 7 last week and included the following details:
Zagg, Otterbox, and Panzerglass are companies that have earned the Made for Google certification for the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6.

However, all three brands’ models are largely sold out, and the Google Store doesn’t currently carry any. Zaggs has an updated 8 rating.

Of course, a lot of other companies, even well-known ones, sell screen protectors but aren’t yet included on Google’s list. The company’s official advice is as follows:

If your fingerprint won’t scan, your screen protector can be to blame. Make sure the screen protector you’re using has the Made for Google certification.

As opposed to previous Pixels’ rear-mounted fingerprint sensors, our recommendation is that under-display fingerprint sensors require some getting used to. More often than not, you must maintain your finger on the reader rather than swiftly tap and lift.

Although the optical under-display fingerprint sensor is a little slower than those used by companies like OnePlus, I haven’t had many problems with it after using it on both the Pro and basic models for almost two weeks. Although it takes a little longer and is a little finicky about where you arrange things, it does the job. Once muscle memory takes over, I don’t believe you’ll experience any difficulties.

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