Google launches the Get The Message campaign to compel Apple to implement RCS on the iPhone.

Google has been criticizing Apple for not implementing RCS (Rich Communication Services) on the iPhone for the past year. It contains a number of technical enhancements that will enhance communicating between Android and iOS users and is intended to replace SMS/MMS. Google has just started a Get The Message pressure campaign in an effort to persuade Apple to reconsider RCS.

If the hashtag #GetTheMessage seems familiar, it was added to the Android teams’ video explanation of Drake’s Texts Go Green in June. The current version of the URL of a page on outlines Google’s campaign for RCS on Apple phones:

Apple needs to address texting.

The color of the bubbles is unimportant. It has very small pictures and videos, no wifi texting, and no read receipts. When we text each other from iPhones and Android phones, Apple causes these issues but does nothing to remedy them.

The issues that have been brought up include poor group chat experiences, no messaging over Wi-Fi or data for Android users, broken accessibility standards, a lack of typing indicators, and a lack of end-to-end encryption, among others. All are a result of iPhones’ continuous use of SMS and MMS for communications outside of iMessage. From the website, it’s simple to tweet @Apple about each of those six tentpoles.

Google Apple RCS campaign
Google Apple RCS campaign

RCS, a current industry standard, is presented by Google as the answer. Notably, the business is asking Apple to embrace RCS only for texting between Android and iOS, which is a quite precise request. It reiterated prior comments that people do not desire iMessage on Android and claimed that this won’t impact iMessage (iPhone-to-iPhone communications).

There is a fairly obvious answer.

Apple converts text messages sent between an iPhone and an Android device into the dated SMS and MMS protocols from the 1990s and 2000s. Apple, however, has the option to use RCS, the current industry standard for these threads. Making messaging better for everyone without modifying your iPhone to iPhone discussions is the solution to the issue.

Given the use of a cloud back end, RCS enables higher-resolution attachments, better group chatting with controls, data sending, typing indicators, and E2EE. Google reported that as of May, there were 500 million monthly active users, with support from carriers worldwide.

The final recommendation on the Android Get The Message website is for additional texting services like WhatsApp and Signal.
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