Google is not offline: For many users, the Malwarebytes antivirus program blocks

This morning, are you having problems getting to Although Google isn’t down, the use of Malwarebytes on your device may be to blame.

Malwarebytes says has fixed the problem, but it might take some time for all users to receive the fix. The business hasn’t yet provided a precise explanation of what caused this issue.

Today, a greater number of customers on DownDetector are reporting issues with Google Search and not loading on their devices. However, Google is not down right now; rather, the problem appears to be related to a problem with the well-known antivirus software Malwarebytes. and other websites are wrongly flagged by Malwarebytes as threats, preventing its users from visiting those websites. As of September 21 at 11 a.m. ET, the problem appears to have affected a large number of people and prevents them from accessing and from receiving malware warning notifications. This problem also affects other Google apps like Gmail and YouTube.

Although the reason for this error is unclear, Malwarebytes has acknowledged that it is investigating into the short-term problem on Twitter .

the positive news Google is not down, and this problem is actually quite simple to resolve. Is that terrible news? The precise moment when this will be resolved is unknown.

While Malwarebytes restores order, you can regain access to Google by disabling Web Protection in the antivirus program. In the lower right corner of the app, under Real Time Protection, is where you’ll locate that choice. Additionally, some users have discovered that updating Malwarebytes appears to resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can just uninstall the app from your device to resolve the issue.

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