Google is making Android 13 Beta 1 available for Pixel phones.

At I/O in May, Google typically releases the first beta of the upcoming major version of Android. This year’s cycle was sped up, and Android 13 Beta 1 is now releasing earlier than usual for Pixel phones. Although the installation process is now just a straightforward opt-in, there is one item that current QPR3 Beta users should be aware of to prevent erasing their device.

However, given that today’s beta is so close to I/O, we had anticipated this release to occur two weeks ago. It’s unclear if the upcoming preview (Beta 2) will coincide with the developer conference in less than two weeks or if it will arrive a little later in May.

Early adopters who sign up for Android Beta will receive the first over-the-air (OTA) upgrade with Android 13 Beta 1, which is an initial beta-quality release. It is encouraged that developers continue testing for compatibility while keeping an eye out for comments from the newest users. Additionally:

begin early testing using Android 13 as the aim. Report any problems to the SDK and library developers.

Granular permissions for accessing media on your smartphone are one developer feature that Google today emphasized. There are now specific rights for photos, videos, or audio instead of a single permission that allows all access.

Applications will have read access to the corresponding media file types after the user grants the necessary permissions. If an app requests both READ MEDIA IMAGE and READ MEDIA VIDEO at the same time, the system displays a single popup for granting both rights in order to make the user experience simpler. When your app targets Android 13. More here , you’ll need to switch over to the new permissions if your app accesses shared media files.

On Pixel smartphones, the Android Beta Feedback app is available as usual. The Android Beta community is still on Reddit , and you may access it from the drawer or through Quick Settings to report bugs in the Google issue tracker.

The Pixel 4 (XL), Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6 Pro, as well as the Android Emulator, all support Android 13 Beta 1 system images .

Naturally, the majority of customers will install Beta 1 (TPB1.220310.029) together with the April security patch using the Android Beta Program website . Beta 1 and subsequent updates will be delivered over the air automatically to those with DP2 devices.

You must first choose to leave the Android 12 QPR3 Beta Program in order to participate in the Android 12 Beta, which is available until June. However, if you immediately click Opt in and choose the Android 13 Beta Program from the enrollment options, you can avoid wiping your Pixel and avoid installing the stable public version (Android 12 April sec patch).

Here is our comprehensive guide on installing Android 13 if you need it.

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