Google is evaluating a redesign for the Android Chrome Omnibox.

On Android, Google is experimenting with an unusual overhaul of the Chrome Omnibox. Since at least version 105, which is currently in the stable channel, the browser app has had a flag named Omnibox Modernize Visual Update, which was first noticed by 9to5Google. It offers a new, graphically improved user interface for one of Google’s browser’s distinguishing features.

The search and URL bar you see at the top of Chrome on Android is called Omnibox. Since the browser’s initial release in 2008, it has existed. You can enter URLs to browse websites or do internet searches using the single box. Over the years, Google has added new capabilities to enhance its usefulness, but Omnibox hasn’t seen many visual changes. The company is currently working on an uncommon overhaul in an effort to slightly update it.

Three variations of this redesign for the Omnibox are present in Chrome for Android version 108 in the Canary channel, according to the new report . The URLs and search suggestions are displayed to one of them as independent cards with darker backgrounds. The corners of the top and bottom cards are rounded, giving the recommendations panel as a whole a rounded appearance. Of course, the overall functionality remains unchanged.

Advertisement The pill-shaped container for the search/URL field is removed when the no active color Omnibox flag is set. The Omnibox merges into Chrome’s light-gray background. A screen with recommendations appears, its backdrop being darker. This Chrome Omnibox on Android design language is evocative of the recently released Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1’s unified Pixel Launcher search. It’s good to see that Google strives for uniformity across all of its products.

Google may be planning a significant redesign of the Chrome Omnibox. Over the years, the Chrome Omnibox may not have undergone many design changes, but this time around, Google may have some significant improvements in store. The business specifies that one of the new UI flags is for stage 1 of the Clank Omnibox redesign plan in its explanation. We will have to wait and see if this redesign plan merely addresses the UI or functionality as well.

Having said all of this, it is important to note that Google may completely scrap this strategy if the testing doesn’t go well. So, don’t get too excited until the new Omnibox design is available on Chrome for Android. If and when the modifications go public, we’ll let you know.


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