Google is aware {Update: According to reports, Google Photos corrupted older images for some users.

Update: Google has contacted us to let us know that they are aware of the problem. “We’re aware of the problem and are deploying a patch,” was said. The original pictures are unaffected.

There is no explanation for why some Google Photos users have reported that their older photographs are “corrupted.”

These days, Google Photos is making headline news and stirring up controversy. Recently, the app was charged with breaking Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act. After then, Google consented to resolve the lawsuit by paying Illinois residents $100 million. The software for sharing and storing photos is currently tainting old pictures and harming users’ recollections.

Advertisement According to the study, users of Google Photos have seen white specks, lines, and significant cracks on their old pictures. Additionally, some photos have distorted or unclear portions. Typically, the corrupted photographs date back more than five years. Corruptions are comparable to actual water damage.

Google Photos is eradicating old user images. However, Google has not offered an explanation, and the cause of the problem is still unknown. There is no obvious pattern, and some photographs are destroyed more severely than others.

The afflicted customers claim that even after downloading the photos, the corruption still exists. Additionally, it appears that just the altered copies in the Photos app were corrupted; the original photographs were unaffected.

Advertisement Users have so far voiced issues about the