Google Home Essentials: Kasa cameras from TP-Link address issues that Nest ignores

I enjoy watching over my house all day long using a network of security cameras on my property, with Google’s Nest at its center. But the truth is that Google’s approach just doesn’t work for everyone and ignores issues like cost and local storage. That’s where TP-Link Kasa steps in, providing top-notch, adaptable hardware at a reasonable price with some of the greatest Google Assistant connectivity currently on the market.

KASA cameras from TP-LINK and Google Assistant It’s no secret that Google’s own Nest Cams work best with Google Home and Google Assistant, but I’d say that TP-Link is a close second.

Similar to most smart lightbulbs, smart plugs, and other gadgets that appear in the app, you can quickly pair TP-Link Kasa cameras to Google Assistant using the Home app. Since only Nest cameras presently support streaming in the Google Home app, Kasa cams will sadly not be included. However, the connection goes beyond simply requesting Google to display a feed.

Alongside The TP-Links Kasa cameras actually appear as clickable buttons on Google Assistant smart displays, so tell Google to show me my living room camera. Wyze cameras, a comparable and equally priced choice, regrettably do not do that.

I discovered that the loading times for video feeds from Kasa cameras accessed via the Kasa app and a Google Assistant stream were comparable in terms of performance. In either case, it took only around five seconds for a live broadcast to load, with the occasional hitch. When using Google Assistant to see the live broadcast, there was, however, a slighter delay—possibly a few seconds at a time.

Kasa cameras are a terrific addition to your Google Home because, even though this integration isn’t quite as good as a Nest Camera, it’s among the closest I’ve tried to date.

AFFORDABLE INDOOR RECORDING WITH SD CARD BACKUP USING KASA SPOT ANDAMP; SPOT PAN Start with the fundamentals. The Kasa Spot is a straightforward indoor camera that provides the essentials. With its wide-angle lens, you can effortlessly capture an entire room in 1080p HD. The $35 camera rests on a movable platform and is powered by a microUSB port.

What distinguishes the Kasa Spot from a Nest Cam? The Spot has the advantage of delivering local backup of its film to a microSD card in addition to the approximately $100 price differential. That means you may enjoy recording around-the-clock without having to deal with expensive monthly subscriptions. The fact that TP-Link doesn’t save any data from this particular camera to the cloud provides a privacy benefit as well, but that is offset by the drawback that your data may be lost in the event that the camera malfunctions.

However, I think this camera is a total success, according to At $34.99 . As a long-time Wyze customer, I’ve found the TP-Link app and the Kasa Spot’s Google Assistant connection to be much more satisfying than the basic Wyze Cam. The inexpensive price also enables me to install more cameras throughout my house than Nest would.

I’ll touch on one more simple-to-overlook benefit before concluding the Spot. Given the size, the 2-way audio speaker quality is quite good. Although it isn’t ideal, considering what you’re using it for, it’s extremely decent. Undoubtedly loud enough to fill a room of reasonable size.

The Kasa Spot Pan offers a 360-degree vision by swiveling the camera around its base and to a certain extent looking up and down, building on all the advantages of the conventional Kasa Spot, microSD included. Although Wyze, Eufy, and other companies have similar concepts, this concept is not new, and I actually really like how TP-Link has implemented it. The camera’s structure consists of a fixed base and a spherical top that rotates to focus on the desired point. Both the panning motion and the motor are incredibly quiet.

The TP-Link Kasa app is the only place where it is possible to control the camera’s location; Google Assistant is not capable of doing so. There are other ways to utilize the 360-degree pan in the app as well. With Viewpoints, you can designate particular points to be visited fast in addition to manual settings. Additionally, in Patrol Mode, which alternates between the four places every minute, those perspectives can be employed. Although the Kasa Spot Pan is sold for $44.99 , it sometimes sells for $34.99 on Amazon.

OUTDOOR HOME SECURITY WITH A SIREN WITH KASA CAM The Kasa Cam Outdoor is another option for outside of your house. With 1080p video, cloud storage, and the same strong Google Assistant integration as the rest of TP-cameras, Link’s this camera is typically rated as an sold for around $90 on Amazon.

The main benefit of this system over a Nest Cam Outdoor is price; Google’s version costs $199, while TP-Link charges about $50 less for the same recording resolution and waterproof technology. The magnetic mount is effective as well, and mounting it to the exterior of your house simply requires two screws. The connecting connection could be a little bit longer, though. I didn’t have much space to move it to the desired place and height. A USB extension cable would work, but I’d be concerned about that outside.

This camera also has a siren in addition to a speaker for two-way communication, which is a useful feature. In terms of house security, this is really useful. Even though it doesn’t go off automatically, this loud siren would undoubtedly deter a robber if it were enabled remotely and draw neighbors’ attention to your house. The siren can reach 80db, which isn’t precisely deafening but certainly loud enough to be heard on a generally quiet street from a distance.

I’m generally satisfied with this camera, although there are a few issues. First off, when using Google Assistant, the stream isn’t always completely reliable. On my Nest Hub, I would frequently witness it crash after only a few minutes. Storage is the other issue. Current models only support cloud storage (KC200). For the first two years, event-based recording will be provided without charge, but only for two days’ worth of material. After then, a monthly cost will be due. This issue is resolved by the microSD card slot on the newer model, coming soon device. Waiting for that model is advised if it’s your preference.

Invest in TP-Link Kasa cameras.

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