Google has confirmed that the Pixel’s ringtone and alarm tones can change at random.

On Google smartphones, a strange glitch causes the Phone ringtone, Default notification sound, and Default alarm sounds to change at random for some Pixel owners.

Revision 5/6: Google’s official Pixel community/support account on Reddit acknowledged the issue was active earlier this week. It turned out that the issue had existed for a month before it was first noticed:

Our analysis led us to the conclusion that a bug introduced in March may have caused users’ custom sounds to be reset to the default in the sound picker.

Google’s sole advice/solution in the interim is to manually change the ringtones to your preferred sound.

Open the Settings app on your phone. To turn on your phone’s ringtone, select Sound and Vibration. Choose My Sounds Choose a custom song from the menu or button, or choose it from your device’s storage. Select Save Original 4/11: Users are reporting hearing sounds when they receive a call, notification, or alert that are different from the ones they are used to hearing. It’s rather startling, and you might not even remember to check your phone.

My noises were set to reverse charging start, 87 r80 gcam o video start, and Mash-up. They seem to be sound files that are utilised by different system components but are otherwise unavailable to end users through the Sounds selector. I noticed this while using a Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12 QPR3 Beta 1.1 at the time.

The April security patch from last Monday and the trickle of reports that will be released today are compatible. Having said that, this problem only affected one of our phones and is not extremely prevalent. If nothing else, it’s worth checking your Sound and vibration settings to be sure this ringtone glitch hasn’t damaged your Google Pixel. The defaults can be swiftly changed back, hopefully permanently, and are as follows:

The Big Adventure ringtone Popcorn Alarm: Bright Morning Notification

Google Pixel ringtone bug
Google Pixel ringtone bug

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