Google has begun putting out a “Data safety” area for Android apps in the Play Store.

After a little delay, Google has started to roll out the Data safety section that it first said would be added to the Play Store in May. In the upcoming weeks, the new part will be completely accessible, and full developer adoption is scheduled for July.

Android apps available in the Play Store are required to list (Collected data) what information is being stored and why. Users can then determine whether this data collection is required for the app to work or is optional.

Developers must additionally determine (Data shared) whether the information is shared with other parties, the security/handling procedures of their applications (such as in-transit data encryption), and whether end users may easily request the deletion of their data.

Additional details that may be included in the section include:

Whether a qualified app has agreed to abide by Google Plays Families Policy to increase kid protection in the Play Store. Whether or not the developer has examined their security procedures in comparison to a worldwide security standard ( more specifically, the MASVS ).

Locational information (roughly or precisely), personal information (name, email, address, phone number, etc.), financial information (buy history, credit score, etc.), health and fitness information, and other data kinds are all covered. Emails, SMS/MMS messages, vids and phones, Audio files, documents, and files Contacts, a calendar Web browsing, App details and performance (crash logs, diagnostics), App activity (interactions, in-app search history, installed apps), and Device or other IDs.

Functionality of the app, analytics, developer communications, advertising or marketing, fraud protection, security and compliance, personalization, and account administration are among the possible uses.

Starting today, a portion of the Play Store app listings’ data safety section will be made completely available. The deadline for Developers to enter this data in the Play Console is July 20, 2022. The new page won’t necessarily include this information when it launches on your device, thus not all applications will.

You may temporarily continue to publish app updates up until July 20, 2022, regardless of whether we discover problems with the data you shared. If there are no problems, your application will be accepted without further action from you. If there are problems, you will need to publish your app update in Play Console while setting your Data safety forms status back to Draft. We will additionally display this information on the Policy status (Policy andgt; Policy status) page, send the developer account owner an email,


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