Google Fi is getting ready to offer the Pixel Watch as its first smartwatch.

The Pixel Watch will be the first smartwatch supported by Google Fi, the company’s rival to Mint and Visible, when it launches in the near future.

Regarding APK Insight: We’ve decompiled the most recent version of an app that Google put on the Play Store in our APK Insight post. When we decompile these files—known as APKs for Android apps—we can find numerous lines of code that allude to potential future features. Remember that Google might or might not ever deploy these features, and our understanding of what they are might be limited. However, we’ll try to give those that are nearly finished a chance to demonstrate how they’ll seem if they do ship. Read on with that in mind.

Google Fi now supports two different categories of devices. Numerous Android phone types are supported, and as of 2018, even iPhones can be used with Google Fi. Each phone on your plan receives its own phone number for calling and messaging, as you might anticipate.

Then there are Android tablets and Chromebooks, both of which may be configured to use a Google Fi data-only SIM. Naturally, the only purpose of these SIM cards is to access the internet; they do not have a phone number associated with them. The main advantage of these is that a lot of Google Fi plans let you add a data-only device to your plan without paying an additional fee.

Despite the presence of Google’s own Wear OS, Google Fi presently does not support smartwatches, in contrast to practically every other carrier currently in existence. Thankfully, based on the newest update of the, version 69, that seems to be changing soon.

Our team has discovered several occurrences of rohan add device confirmation details in it. Recall that Google’s codename for this fall’s Pixel Watch is Rohan. Based on that, it appears likely that you’ll be able to add a Pixel Watch purchased elsewhere to your plan or purchase the Pixel Watch straight from Google Fi.

The specifics of how a smartwatch would be priced on Google Fi are not described in the code as of today. One may argue that, like a tablet or Chromebook, the Pixel Watch could survive on a free data-only SIM.

The majority of carriers actually provide smartwatches a distinct phone number, enabling them to function without a phone in close proximity. Those calls can be placed from either your phone number or the watch’s own number, depending on the services your carrier offers provides. It would be logical for Google Fi to charge more for a smartwatch line if it has its own phone number as opposed to a simple data SIM.

The only other information we could uncover was that Google Fi will let you get insurance for your brand-new Pixel Watch. You have a few days of grace after purchase, just as with any other equipment you buy from the carrier, to determine whether to add insurance.

Given that the carrier regularly supports each new Pixel phone as soon as it is announced, Google Fi getting ready for the new watch is hardly surprising. There are many additional LTE-compatible watches that users would undoubtedly want to use on Google Fi if they could, so this device-specific compatibility is undoubtedly only the beginning. But for the time being, it appears from the coding that Google Fi is only getting ready for the Pixel Watch.

Thanks to JEB Decompiler , some APK Insight teardowns are made possible.
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