Google explains why, despite signing up, your Pixel isn’t receiving the Android 12/13 Beta.

There are currently two active Android Beta Programs in addition to the stable channel for the first time (in the contemporary age). Why sometimes there isn’t an Android 12 QPR3 or Android 13 Beta OTA update right after you register your Pixel? Google explained today.

Receiving the beta over-the-air (OTA) update could be delayed as a result of a few brief restrictions that went into effect today.

You can enroll in if your Pixel already has the May security patch installed, which is Android 12L/12.1 (public stable), but you won’t instantly receive the OTA for either Android 12 QPR3 Beta 2 or Android 13 Beta 1. This is because Android cannot go back without performing a factory reset or device wipe after the May update from yesterday, which was running newer software.

Instead, you must wait for Android 13 Beta 2 or Android 12 QPR3 Beta 3 (which Google claims will arrive this week) (coming soon).
Instead of installing the public stable Android 12 May update, you should sign up for the Android Beta program right away (releasing this week).
You will not instantly download Android 13 Beta 1 after installing QPR3 Beta 3 (when it becomes available); you must instead wait for Beta 2.

You should not install the Android 12 Beta 3 release if you are currently using an Android 12 beta package and would prefer to transition to the Android 13 beta program (coming this week).

After Google:
We appreciate your patience and will keep you informed as soon as new supported registration pathways are open.
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