Google Enhances Workspace Apps For Tablets

Google is now making improvements to Android to give it a better platform for devices with larger screens. As a result, the company improved its collection of productivity tools in some important ways. According to Engadget , Google Workspace apps are getting some practical tablet tweaks to make better use of the additional screen area.

Google said that it was attempting to make Android a more tablet-friendly operating system back in May. More than 20 first-party programs would be optimized to perform better on tablets, it was announced along with the Pixel Tablet. With apps like the clock app, we’ve already made some progress.

Google Workspace apps are being optimized for tablets. These improvements are extremely helpful when utilizing two programs simultaneously. You can now open two Google Drive windows simultaneously, to start. That’s helpful if you want to browse the platform while viewing stuff in Drive. While organizing your belongings, you might want to read a document or listen to an audio recording.

Advertisement Next, it is now much simpler to share content between two apps. Text from Google Chrome can be easily dragged and dropped into apps like Docs and Sheets. The same holds true for visuals. This is preferable than downloading or copying and pasting the photos.

I’ll now return to Google Drive. Open the app in split screen view and drag the file over to the Drive window to upload it to Drive. The Google first-party files app will likely be the one for which this capability is best tuned.

Then, all you have to do to make a direct link for a file in Google Drive is drag it into Google Keep. The URL will be added as a new note by the program.

Advertisement Google Drive now offers cut, copy, and paste using keyboard keys, capping off these updates. Since this is the most natural way to modify your documents, it’s great to see these modifications.

By now, these aspects ought to be visible. Check to see if all of your apps have been fully updated to the most recent version if you haven’t seen them yet.


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