Google effectively kills its YouTube app as part of its ongoing phase-out of the original Chromecast.

Older Chromecast devices are being phased away, as was made evident by the introduction of the Chromecast with Google TV two years ago. However, older Chromecasts no longer support streaming YouTube videos while signed in, as if to hammer the final nail in the coffin.

ON CHROMECASTS, YOUTUBE SIGN-IN IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Late last year, Google updated the earlier Chromecasts without a control and an Android-based operating system to improve the experience of accessing YouTube on a Chromecast.

Instead of using a remote on your phone to control what was displayed on the TV, this experience operated more like a native app. Users used to be able to log into their accounts, browse subscriptions, and get suggestions all from the TV rather than just their phone. Even Google happily praised the Twitter experience.

But everything is broken after six months.

YouTube casually acknowledged that sign-in is no longer enabled on older Chromecast devices in a tweet on June 16. Users can still use their phones to watch films and manage the session, but Chromecast’s app experience does not support sign-in.

We contacted Google about this more than three weeks ago, but the corporation never responded to our request for a statement outlining the reasons why this modification was made. It’s undoubtedly a perplexing choice.

A community specialist for Google underlined that this modification was fully purposeful, as the people at Android Police have since noted.

It’s operating as it should. After we released them, and it hasn’t changed since then, prior Chromecast generations cannot sign in to YouTube. Without logging into your Chromecast, you may still cast content from the YouTube app on your phone. You are utilizing the account on your mobile device if you have control over the playback on your phone.

The same expert explained that YouTube Premium members who pay monthly for this privilege must utilize the older experience and not the more recent app in order to watch videos without advertisements.

THE ORIGINAL CHROMECAST IS OBVIOUSLY BEING PHASED OUT. This is not the only clear indication that Google is discontinuing the first Chromecast.

The sole Chromecast with 4K support, the Chromecast Ultra, was virtually abandoned by Google in 2020, just as the Chromecast with Google TV was introduced. The third-generation Chromecast is still being sold by the firm, but a Google TV-powered replacement is on the road.

Additionally, Google announced in early June 2022 that owners of Chromecasts who also own Pixel phones will no longer be allowed to set up their devices as a result of Google losing a legal battle with Sonos.

If the user is in the United States or Canada and using a Pixel smartphone, the notice “This device needs to be activated before setup” only displays when using a Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra again, not the more recent Google TV-based device with a remote. More information on what’s happening is provided in our original coverage of the topic, but it is very clear from Google’s decision to leave the experience in its current form that the original Chromecast has lost priority.

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