Google Docs now includes dropdown menus and table designs.

Google is promoting synergies between its family of Workspace products through the use of smart canvas. Dropdown menus and table templates in Google Docs are the latest additions designed to increase efficiency.

We believe these tools make it easier for you to manage and produce highly personalized documents in Google Docs, facilitating collaboration and moving your project along.

DROPDOWNS FOR GOOGLE DOCS You may easily create dropdown menus that can be accessed from the @-menu to reflect the status of your document or other project milestones listed in your document. Pill-shaped, you tap on them to choose a choice, while Google Docs offers two defaults:

Review Status, which includes options for Not Started, In Progress, Under Review, and Approved. Project Status, which includes options for Not Started, Blocked, In Progress, and Complete. Create your own with the new dropdown’s customizable color options.

Google Docs templates for tables A Launch content tracker, Project asset, Review tracker, and Product roadmap are just a few of the popular workflow building components that Google Docs is introducing table templates for. The Insert andgt; Table menu allows for the addition of these templates, which go well in hand with the new dropdowns.

To assist you understand how to utilize and change the columns in the template, each column has an example row of material.
Over the course of this month, Google Docs on the web will begin to roll out table templates and dropdown menus.

All Google Workspace users can access it, as well as previous G Suite Basic and Business users. Users with personal Google Accounts may access this MORE ABOUT GOOGLE DOCS FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. More.

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