Google Debuts New Video Showcasing Pixel 7 Pro Design

Through its official “Made by Google” YouTube channel, Google shared an new video . The Pixel 7 Pro design is the main topic of this particular video. Below the article is a video that is embedded.

A NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO DEMONSTRATES THE PIXEL 7 PRO DESIGN. Although this movie lasts for more than 40 seconds, only 26 of them contain actual footage. The remaining text is essentially just an illustration of Google’s gadget lineup for 2022. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, the Pixel Watch, and the Pixel Buds Pro are all visible in that photograph.

Having said that, how about we concentrate on the Pixel 7 Pro? The device is shown up close quite a bit in this video. So you can get a close-up look at the phone’s curves and design elements.

Advertisement THE ITEM WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THREE COLOR OPTIONS Google also displays all three color options in the same frame near the end of the film. They are Hazel, Snow, and Obsidian. The first one is essentially white, the second is a shade of gray/black, and the third appears to be an olive green with accents that resemble bronze. It’s challenging to describe.

Every one of these color choices has a frame and camera visor that are a distinct color. While the Hazel has previously been discussed, the Obsidian has a dark gray one, the Snow uses metallic silver accents, and so on.

The Pixel 7 series from this year will undoubtedly mirror the Pixel 6 series. The camera visor on the back will be the only significant difference. Google decided to cover it with metal this time. The camera visor of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro is made of glass.

Advertisement On October 6, Google will make the Pixel 7 Series announcement. On October 6, the Pixel 7 series will officially launch. The corporation stated as much. The Pixel Watch will arrive in early November, while the other two products are expected to arrive later that month. And yes, during that occasion, the Pixel Watch will also be unveiled.


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