Google conducts a new study when Pixel Launcher adds Play Store search on Android 13.

With Android 13, Pixel Launcher search is getting a significant improvement that includes the ability to search the Play Store. Prior to the official rollout, Google is still polling consumers about the feature.

Google unifies the search bar that shows at the top of the app drawer and the one that displays at the bottom of your Pixel’s homescreen in Android 13. Now both fields have the same functionality, allowing you to search the web, apps, app shortcuts, and contacts. In the interim, the Pixel Launcher will allow you to rapidly search and open YouTube, Maps, and the Play Store in addition to Google (Search) and the Settings app, in case those results are unsuccessful.

However, not all functions are uniformly available across phones as of Android 13 Beta Program . Before the consumer debut, it appears that Google is still testing a variety of features.

Inline Play Store results are one of those tests. When you search for an app name that is not already installed on your phone, Google Play inline results with the developer name and star rating may appear. A tap will launch the listing straight for any number of apps that are displayed.

Pixel Launcher Play Store search

Android 13 | Android 12 (Google app and Pixel Launcher search) (disabled andamp; live)

On some Android 13 Beta devices, this Play Store search is not yet active. We only have it on a Pixel 6a and 6 Pro; a Pixel 4a is not included. The fact that the aforementioned 6a lacks a parameter to enable People (contacts chats) search serves to further emphasize the discrepancy.

After the release of Android 13’s stable version, all of this should be simplified.

Google will continue to survey customers about their device search experiences in the interim. The most recent example comes from Google Opinion Rewards, and it initially did so in June. This study, which is likely being sponsored by Google, asks respondents to identify their top priority when searching for On-device content.

Locate or control phone settings Using an app, find or explore material Obtain a person’s contact details Discover information online Act using an app (e.g., send text) I don’t have the app on my phone. Other (please specify) The second question is pretty intriguing and asks if you find it problematic (comfortable vs. unpleasant) to see search results from both the app and the web in one search box. The first name query example it provides displays both on-device contacts and web results for notable persons.

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