Google Chrome may soon display your new password’s strength.

For the time being, passwords are a necessary evil, but Google Chrome appears to be moving in the right direction by introducing a new indication that reveals how secure your password is.

CHROME WILL DISPLAY HOW STRONG OR WEAK YOUR PASSWORD IS. A brand-new function in Google Chrome allows you to see the security of any password you create right there in the browser. Through browser extensions, such as those provided by password managers from companies like LastPass , 1Password , Dashlane , and countless others, this feature has been available for quite some time. Google, though, wants to incorporate that feature directly into Chrome.

Google is working on a new feature that will display the strength of a password in Chrome with a password strength indicator appearing as a flag in the most recent Chrome releases, as mentioned by Leopeva64 on Twitter and AboutChromebooks .

According to Google’s description of the feature:
Strength of Password Indicator
enables the password strength indication while entering a password during the password changing and sign-up processes.

It is evident from that description that Google does not intend to display this functionality simply while logging into an existing account, but rather only when generating a new password for an account and changing an existing password.

The feature ought to be accessible on Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, Fuchsia, and Lacros when it is fully released.

It’s definitely a great change. Even though we would prefer it if everyone utilized a reliable password manager and secure passwords, the majority of people still rely solely on the features provided by their browser. More people may become aware that their name and birthday aren’t as safe as they believe they are if Google emphasizes the strength of a password straight through the browser.

Google is preparing for the password’s demise. However, Google’s eventual goal is still a ways off because the corporation is working to do away with passwords entirely. Google is working on passkeys, which are a passwordless solution for authentication that employs biometrics and other techniques to do away with the password, with assistance from other well-known companies like Microsoft and Apple. Google outlined their passkeys efforts earlier this year.

Another commit to Chromium ( Leopeva64 spotted ) indicates that Google will be integrating the Settings app on Windows with a Manage passkeys button that will allow users to view and remove passkeys kept on their computers.

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