Google Chrome is getting ready to update its translation tools.

While Google Translate makes it simpler to use the web without encountering a language barrier, its all-or-nothing connection with Google Chrome can occasionally be the incorrect course of action. Google Chrome is currently working on adding the option to translate a specific text.

Google Chrome is now experimenting with a new feature that lets users translate specific portions of a webpage, as noted by Leopeva64 on Reddit . It will be able to translate specifically any text that the user highlights on the website.

Today’s Chrome browser includes built-in translation, but it covers the entire page rather than just selected areas. In general, this works out well, but it might not be the best option for pages that only have a little amount in a different language.

Additionally, it only supports one language, translating web pages from the one that is displayed to the one that the user prefers.

In Google Chrome, a new bubble UI that can translate text as it is selected on the page appears in the omnibox (address bar). You can do this by clicking the omnibox’s corresponding button or by right-clicking the text and selecting translate to. A full page translation option is also included in the new UI.

Although it doesn’t actually translate the text at the moment, this feature is currently not useful, but we can see where Google is going with it.

google translate partial chrome bubble

You may more simply transition between languages thanks to this improved translation experience, which is another major benefit. The translation language can currently only be changed by going into settings and adding more languages.

With this new interface, Google Chrome will put other languages front and center and provide a scrolling list of all the options available through Google Translate.

As stated in the most recent Chrome Canary release, this feature is live but inoperable. Over time, it should make its way to stable builds, but when exactly is still unknown.

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