Google chooses NowSecure to provide impartial app security reviews for Android

NowSecure has been given permission by Google to conduct unbiased security evaluations of Android applications. In the new Data Safety area of the Play Store, developers can openly disclose the organizations who have validated the privacy and security of their products.

NOWSECURE CAN EVALUATE ANDROID APPS FOR SECURITY AND PRIVACY METHODS A new feature in the Play Store app listings is Data Safety. Google imposed it for all apps this month after announcing it last year. The types of data that are collected by an app, including location, identifying information, financial data, and others, must be disclosed by developers. Additionally, they must state if a particular piece of data is necessary or optional for the apps to work.

Additionally, Data Safety will describe the methods used by developers to capture user data and their intended uses. It will also let you know whether the information is shared with third parties and about security precautions such data encryption. Developers must disclose how they safeguard children’s security and privacy on their platform whether an app is appropriate for children to use.

Advertisement Google’s goal with Data Safety is to increase data collecting by Android apps’ transparency. But all of the data presented here is the responsibility of the developers. As a result, there are worries that they might not be completely accurate. The business is now enabling developers to have NowSecure evaluate their apps in order to allay these worries. Developers can indicate in their Data Safety description whether the app complies with the company’s privacy and security guidelines. Google aspires to increase consumer trust by doing this.

Leading mobile security provider NowSecure is situated in Chicago. The business has been approved as a MASA (Mobile Application Security Assessment) independent security assessment lab by the App Defense Alliance for use with Android apps. In this industry, it has 13 years of experience.

By obtaining the MASA validation, app developers may demonstrate to the market that they take user data security and privacy seriously and set their app apart from rivals. CEO of NowSecure, said Alan Snyder. We are honored to work with Google to set a new standard for mobile app security.

Advertisement ALL PLAY STORE APPS MUST OBSERVE DATA SAFETY, AS ORDERED BY GOOGLE. As previously mentioned, Google required Data Safety this month for all apps published through the Play Store. In an effort to allay users’ concerns about privacy, the business temporarily deleted the Permissions list from the shop. But when numerous users voiced their displeasure, it soon reinstalled the list. Data Security and Permissions will now coexist.


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