Google Camera 8.6: Expanded Pixel 6 Speech Improvement for Android 13 {U: Patch}

A month after the previous update, Google is releasing version 8.6 of the Pixel Camera app, which brings a number of Material You improvements and Speech enhancement for the rear Pixel 6 lens.

Update 9/2: A minor patch for Google Camera’s version was widely released on Friday afternoon. On the phone, nothing seems to have changed.

After the original update last month, the associated Wear OS update ( is a bug fixer. The on-watch camera preview has improved resolution, and there are no longer any graphical flaws in the buttons.

Update 8/25: Google Camera 8.6 also increased the default wide/zoom out increment in the pill-shaped switcher above the shutter button from.6 to.7x. The Pixel 6a (114 field of view, 12MP) and 5a (117 FOV, 16MP) have undergone this adjustment, and the 5 and 4a 5G are probably also affected.

You can squeeze to return.

6x, even if the difference is not that big. This is comparable to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, which have only been available for.7 (single) years.

google camera on pixel 6a

Update 8/18: Today, Google Camera 8.6 is being extensively distributed. 1063035 . 12 to 3689965.13 .

The release of Android 13 on Monday should result in a greater distribution of this upgrade, which is probably modest. For Pixel phones running Android 12 or earlier, Camera 8.6 has not yet been released.

Upgrade 7/28: Speech enhancement for the rear camera is now possible with Google Camera 8.6 on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro (for which we have since received the update).

This function, which at first was only available when using the front-facing camera to record video, aims to lessen background noises like wind, traffic, and people. Now, the back camera can record in 1080p (FHD) at 30 frames per second.

Original 7/27: The Modes tab at the end of the carousel is the main cosmetic update today. Instead of being directly overlaid on the live preview, the buttons for Panorama, Photo Sphere, and Lens are now positioned in a rounded rectangular container.

In addition to the Material You housing, the access points have been shifted lower on the screen to make them easier to grasp, especially if your thumb is positioned to hit the shutter button.

Last but not least, instead of simply being black on a white background, the buttons are now themed with Dynamic Color, like other important UI components (such the mode switcher and Locked Folder shortcut).

Google Camera 8.6
Google Camera 8.6

8.6 vs. 8.5 cameras
Google Camera 8.6 was installed on a Pixel 4a running Android 13 this afternoon, although it hasn’t yet been widely distributed.

The most recent update interval was just under (version 8.4) two months (version 8.5), therefore this release is surely coming sooner than anticipated. It probably also has bug fixes, but as far as we can tell, Frequent Faces is still not enabled.

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