Google broke the first Chromecast’s YouTube app.

We’re all aware of the practice of firms crippling older products over time to encourage customers to upgrade to newer models. One example of this is Apple (and later Samsung) slowing down outdated iPhone models. In order to achieve the same result, it now appears that Google broke the YouTube app on the original Chromecast.

The Chromecast was first released by Google almost precisely nine years ago. In terms of technology, that is roughly 70. Even though that was so long ago, first-generation devices are still being used and seem to be functioning just fine.

THE YOUTUBE APP ON THE ORIGINAL CHROMECAST WAS BROKEN BY GOOGLE Actually, up until a few days ago, they WERE doing absolutely well. A person tweeted about a problem they were having with their first Chromecast. The tweet displays the user’s TV with the YouTube sign-in screen. The message Can’t sign in is displayed in the following image. While sharing videos, leaving comments, and doing other things from your mobile device, you may still watch YouTube as a guest on this TV.

Advertisement This initially appeared to be a software bug, but the official Team YouTube Twitter account responded and said it was done on purpose. This is done on purpose. On older Chromecast devices, direct YT sign-in is no longer supported.

In essence, Google damaged the YouTube app on the first Chromecast to encourage more users to switch to more modern gadgets. Unfortunately, the older gadgets appear to be operating perfectly. This indicates that a recent update was made that prevents the YouTube app from operating while signed in.

YouTube is still accessible even if you are not logged in. Your history, preferences, recommendations, and any other information you receive when you sign in, on the other hand, won’t be available to you. Google will undoubtedly face backlash for this. You can locate several that aren’t too expensive if you’re looking to upgrade to a newer Chromecast device.


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