Google begins the beta testing of Google Play for PC.

Google is starting to roll out a beta for Google Play Games on PC, but it’s only available in a few regions right now (as seen by PC Gamer ). The official name of the website where you may get the Windows app is Google Play Games beta. The same name is used for the app itself. After signing in with your account, you can browse a selection of games that are offered. of which there currently appear to be roughly 37.

There is no question that Google will add additional playable games to the app. Over time. But for the time being, it appears to be taking baby steps. Similar to how it operates in the areas where the beta is available. Speaking about access, it is currently only available to a select few nations. Sadly, the United States is not one of them. Yet.

In five countries, the Google Play Games for PC Beta is accessible.

Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan are among the nations with beta access. If you’re interested in checking out the PC app, you’ll need a few things. You must first be located in one of those nations. Or you can download the software using a VPN. Second, although it’s not necessary, you might want a Gmail account from one of those nations. which a VPN can also be used to set up. This procedure isn’t all that dissimilar from creating a Google account to gain access to Play Store games that have only been soft launched for specific purposes.

Advertisement In addition to the earlier steps, your PC’s BIOS will probably need to have hardware virtualization enabled. You’ll be prompted to sign in using your gmail account when you run the Google Play Games beta PC software after completing those steps. You must maintain a connection to the VPN when logging in and surfing if you’re not in one of the nations that currently has access.

The software does not have games like Call of Duty: Mobile or Rainbow Six Mobile. However, there are some games that might greatly benefit from having mouse and keyboard capabilities, such Asphalt 9: Legends, Horizon Chase, and a few more.


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