Google and YouTube honor “BTS ARMY Day” with an easter egg, a Street View tour, and other activities.

The BTS ARMY, Google, and YouTube have released a number of partnerships, including a new easter egg and a Street View tour, to honor BTS and their enormous fandom.

YouTube has been running a #MyBTStory challenge for the past month, asking the countless BTS fans to submit their greatest moments from the band’s nine-year career. Today is the last day of that event, however on July 13 it will come to an end with an AA to the BTS ARMY on the band’s YouTube channel.

But in the near future, Google will continue working with BTS, introducing two fascinating new features. The announcement has been scheduled to fall on BTS ARMY Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the band’s fan club’s founding, on July 9.

Google Search features a new easter egg as a starting point for the event. Simply enter BTS into the search box on, and a flashing purple heart should appear on the search results page.

Click it to launch an endless stream of purple balloons that are gradually floating toward the top of your screen onto the page. One of the regular balloons will pop if you tap or click on it, leaving a purple blob on the page.

You may occasionally see a balloon in the shape of a heart with a flashing microphone inside. A distinct audio clip from one of the band members stating “I purple you” is played when one of these balloons is popped. Purple signifies I will trust and adore you for a very long time, according to band member Kim Tae-hyung (aka V), who came up with the expression in 2016.

You’ll also be welcomed with a handwritten greeting from one of the band members sent to the BTS ARMY in honor of the group’s birthday along with the audio. Overall, it’s a wonderful ode to the band and the supporters who make it all possible.

Street View tours of 14 locales that the members of BTS found significant to their careers are available on Google Arts andamp; Culture in the meantime. For instance, you can locate the Chunggu Building in Seoul, South Korea, as well as the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. You have the option to customize one of the destinations by overlaying it with artwork chosen by the band over the various sites.

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