Google allows developers of Android apps to create cross-device experiences akin to Nearby Share.

Google described a method for Android apps to create cross-device experiences at I/O 2022; the SDKs developer preview is now available .

With a straightforward and user-friendly set of APIs, the Cross device SDK enables developers to create robust multidevice experiences. In particular, Google handles device discovery, authentication, and connection protocols (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and UWB) so that app developers can just concentrate on creating wonderful user experiences and tying these experiences together across a range of form factors and platforms. The SDK provides the following three primary features:

Device discovery makes it simple to locate nearby gadgets, permit peer-to-peer communication, and launch the intended application on receiving gadgets. dependable connections Enable bidirectional data sharing that is encrypted, low-latency, and between authorized devices. Multi-device Sessions: Allow the user experience of an application to be extended or transferred across numerous devices.

Applications that offer the following features are the result.

locating neighboring devices and approving communication with them. sharing the current state of an app with a another device running the same app. launching the app without having to keep it running in the background on a different device. establishing safe connections to enable device communication. enabling task handoff so that a user can simply continue a task they started on one device on another. With the business remaining open to other platforms as well, Google’s Cross device SDK will eventually function on apps for Android phones, tablets, TV, Auto, Wear OS, ChromeOS, iOS, and Windows. Additionally, Android 8 compatibility is maintained.

Android tablets and phones are the first devices to receive the developer preview today.

Visit our developer guide to get started and try out the Cross device SDK for Android’s Developer Preview. For an example of how to use the various APIs, see our Rock Paper Scissor sample apps ( Kotlin and Java ) on GitHub. For a basic introduction of the SDK, see our Google I/O 22 Multi-device development presentation.

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