Google adds bespoke alerts for any sound for hearing-impaired users to its sound notifications feature.

In order to make it easier for users who are hard of hearing or deaf to hear alarms and other essential sounds, Google’s Android 12 and 13 offer a specific feature that enables users to create sound detection notifications. Google is currently enhancing this functionality to let users record and configure unique sound notifications.

Sound notifications are a feature that Google first implemented to Android 12 devices. For people who have trouble hearing, this feature changed everything. It made notifications visible on phones for those who wouldn’t typically be able to hear things like fire and smoke alarms.

In order to do this, Google’s machine learning listens for sounds that it might deem significant. You can use your Pixel to find things other than just alerts. The complete list includes noises such as crying babies, microwaves, running water, and more. Unfortunately, because different home items produce a range of sounds, there’s a potential that your phone won’t accurately identify a sound.

Google is working on a new extending feature called for unique sound notifications to solve this. Users will now be able to capture and categorize unique sounds they deem significant rather than relying on what the gadget thinks are important noises.

You can record your own oven alert sound, for instance, or even your washing machine’s too elaborate “I’m done” tune. This removes the element of guesswork from several crucial household noises and increases the accuracy of sound recognition.

As a result, the range of audible noises is no longer constrained, which is a significant advancement for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Almost any sound you might need to be warned by can be captured and stored on your device so that you’ll be prepared when the time comes.

Although Google hasn’t provided a precise release date for this feature, it’s probable that we’ll start seeing it on devices shortly. You’ll be able to access the feature once it’s live by visiting the Sound Notifications section of your Accessibility settings.

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