Google, a literal ATM, has begun a two-week hiring moratorium.

Google is halting hiring for the next two weeks because it only has announced . A senior vice president at Google named Prabhakar Raghavan reportedly informed staff members via email that hiring would be suspended while the organization evaluated its workforce requirements.

In the email, Raghavan stated that they will use the opportunity to review their staffing requirements and agree on a new set of prioritized hiring requests for the following three months.

Those who have already accepted contracts from Google will still be hired, so it’s not all terrible news. However, Google is not currently providing any contract extensions.

Advertisement Google stops hiring, joining a number of other tech giants. We have heard reports of numerous tech behemoths stopping their hiring during the past few weeks. Google has recently declared that it will halt hiring after Apple did so yesterday. When two businesses that are literally ATMs decide to cease recruiting new employees, the economy is in trouble.

Due to the current economic uncertainty, Meta (previously Facebook) recently announced that it would reduce hiring for technical positions by 30% this year. Two executives departed Twitter just weeks before Elon Musk was scheduled to finalize his acquisition, which is no longer going to happen, after Twitter suspended hiring back in May.

There is widespread concern among economists and market observers that we are in a recession. As a result, we are beginning to notice that these large corporations are starting to cut back on their spending. These businesses have benefited greatly from spending money over the past ten years, particularly Google and Apple, who appear to be printing more and more cash every quarter. Of course, a large part of this is due to the pandemic, which not only caused massive stimulus spending but also forced businesses to lay off workers for an entire year. and we are only now making up lost time.


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