Given that Branch, a metrics firm, has acquired Nova Launcher, there will be more “experimentation” with it.

The most widely used launcher for Android, Nova Launcher, is being run by new management. Branch, a company that among other things offers analytical data and metrics, has purchased Nova Launcher.

Today, Nova Launcher announced in a pair of press releases that Branch has acquired the launcher, albeit Nova’s current staff will continue to work on the app’s development.

More than 50 million Android users have downloaded Nova Launcher, which is renowned for its extensive customization possibilities and broad device support.

What will change in Nova Launcher under Branch’s direction is the obvious question at hand. We receive a crystal-clear picture of what’s in store in Nova’s piece on the subject. The metrics that Branch collects are useful to app developers, so Nova will see more of that.

The software will undergo further experimentation in the future releases, with additional minor features being added more frequently. It is also likely to become more popular to conduct A/B testing, in which some users view one version of a feature while another group views another, with analytics determining which is superior.

The search feature of Nova Launcher will also undergo significant change. Additionally, Branch has purchased Seasame Universal Search, which will enhance what that app can do with Nova. Integration between Seasame and Nova has already been happening for a few years, but moving forward, it will intensify.

On-device shortcuts and contact searches will be included in the upcoming beta version of Nova 8.0.2, with all searching and indexing taking place on the device.

Below is a preview of the new search provided by Novas developer.

Given that the Nova Launcher will now also serve as a Research and Development initiative, another obvious concern here is what Branch will do with the data collected from the launcher. Kevin Barry, the founder of Novas, stated that while Branch has been accommodating and considerate of user privacy, Novas analytics will place a distinct emphasis on what is measured.

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