GeForce: GeForce Currently, Lost Ark, Luna, and Xbox confirm the most recent additions.

The effort by streaming services to add as many titles to their platforms as possible continued this week. While Amazon Luna and Xbox Game Pass are introducing some seriously alluring titles to their expanding portfolios, GeForce Now is bringing the major guns and making Lost Ark available for its customers. This is what’s new.

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LOST ARK NOW ATTENDS GEFORCE Bringing free-to-play games to the cloud and fully eliminating geographic restrictions is one of GeForce Now’s strong points. Lost Ark is one of those games that can be played for free right now on GeForce Now.

As you travel in search of wealth, complete missions, and even engage in PvP battles, Lost Ark has you discovering new areas and animals. You can concentrate on developing your noncombat talents, such as crafting, in addition to fighting.

Additionally, GFN members can download Guild Wars 2’s Heroic Edition by logging in and playing on their mobile devices. The Suit of Legacy Armor in-game as well as a few more items are included in this edition. In addition, new and old titles, such as Dune: Spice Wars, are added to the list of GeForce Now games that can be played. Here is the whole list:

Spice Wars in Dune ) ) ) ) ) slither () Lost Ark ( ) NEW ADDITIONS FILL OUT AMAZON LUNA’S CHANNELS Regarding catalog size and time spent as publicly available, Amazon Luna is still a rookie in the field. Nevertheless, the service is making an effort to provide something for everyone by introducing new titles to its many channels.

Four new games will be added to the Prime Gaming Channel for Prime customers, according to an announcement made this week by Amazon Luna. Other premium channels will also receive a number of new titles. First, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is coming to the Luna channel, as was reported last week. The objective of this new version of the popular game is to prevent Dr. Bad-Boon from destroying Jungle Island while rotating you through other realms. Sometime around May, this addition will be available for use.

Get Packed is being introduced to the Family Channel for everyone’s enjoyment. Players in this frantic game must rush to move a whole town when a company takes over and forces everyone to move. The Family Channel will begin airing this new title in May.

Last but not least, Capcom Arcade Stadium is coming to the Retro Channel, bringing a ton of new (old) games to Amazon Luna. Create your ideal arcade and engage in any of the following venerable games:

Goblins and Ghosts Wars of the Strider Dynasty 1941’s Last Fight: Counter Attack the Okami Senjo Super Twins Air Wing of a Carrier The World Warrior in Street Fighter II Captain Commando Varth’s Operation Thunderstorm Battles of Fate Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Strategic Variant Armor Equipment: Powered Gear Cyberbots: The War Against Destiny Battle Circuit in Fullmetal Madness 19XX The Loop Master Progear in Giga Wing 1944 The availability of some games for existing Prime members to play for free is one of Amazon Luna’s main attractions. Even though the list isn’t particularly long, it has expanded with a variety of genres. In May, the following games will be accessible on the Prime Gaming Channel:

Monster Truck Championsjip Metal Slug 3 Ghostrunner Ride 4 A NEXT-GENERATION XBOX GAME PASS FOR STREAMERS Xbox is releasing a few additional games for people who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. First, Loot River (May 3) will be a day-one release, meaning that you can stream it to any device of your choice as soon as it becomes available.

GeForce Now claims that you will be able to:

Battle beastly abominations, loot, explore, level up, plan, cast potent spells, perish, and start over in a randomly created labyrinth in a dungeon crawling action roguelike that combines tight, real-time fighting with spatial block-shifting sliding blocks of ancient ruins.

Second, a day-one release entitled Citizen Sleeper will be available via Xbox Game Pass on May 5. As an escaped worker in a bleak civilization, you have a lot of flexibility to choose the direction you wish to go in this game, which borrows heavily from tabletop role-playing games. Trek to Yomi (May 5) will be coming to Xbox Game Pass and will be streamable in the upcoming weeks, to include as the last game.

As things stand, May is going to be a big month for online gaming. We’ll probably keep seeing additional games, including free-to-play titles like Lost Ark, added to GeForce Now, and more titles will probably be added to Xbox Game Pass this month.

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