Gangnam Style has been around for 10 years, as the YouTube Billion Views Club points out.

Your current view of the unique YouTube logo, also known as a Yoodle, is intended to signal to users that Gangnam Style has been around for ten years and was the first music video to join the Billion Views Club.

As soon as the Psys Gangnam Style video debuted on YouTube on July 15, 2012, music video history was forever altered. Psy immediately became viral, and viewers from all around the world flocked to YouTube to experience and spread the sensation. The game-changing video would go on to become the first music video ever to reach one billion views on the platform less than six months later, on December 21, 2012, creating YouTube’s Billion Views Club (BVC).

Over a year later, Justin Bieber’s Baby was the next YouTube video to join the Billion Views Club. The business today released other fascinating top rankings.

With 11 official music videos apiece, J Balvin and Justin Bieber are tied for the most billion view entries as a lead, featured artist, or collaborator. Guns N Roses defy decades with the first billion-view music video from both the 1980s ( Sweet Child O Mine ) and 1990s ( November Rain ). Adele’s Hello is the fastest admission into the Billion Views Club, attaining the milestone in just 88 days ( November Rain ).

Musicians with the most official BVC music video entries
The quickest music videos to reach 1 billion views were J Balvin Justin Bieber .
Music videos with the most views:
Pre-2000s Music Videos by Decade
Music videos from the 1970s with billions of views:
Music videos from the 1980s with one billion views:
Music videos from the 1990s with 1 billion views:
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