Game-specific touch controls and potential 1440p mobile streaming are prepared by Stadia 4.13.

Version 4.13 of the Stadia app, the most recent update, makes reference to touchscreen controls designed specifically for games and teases Android 1440p streaming.

Regarding APK Insight: We’ve decompiled the most recent version of an app that Google put on the Play Store in our APK Insight post. When we decompile these files—known as APKs for Android apps—we can find numerous lines of code that allude to potential future features. Remember that Google might or might not ever deploy these features, and our understanding of what they are might be limited. However, we’ll try to give those that are nearly finished a chance to demonstrate how they’ll seem if they do ship. Read on with that in mind.

SPECIFIC TOUCH CONTROLS FOR GAMES Google has been working on enterprise capabilities for Stadia’s recent improvements, which are closely related to a redesign of the touchscreen gamepad the service provides in the absence of a controller. Google provides the finest preview yet of what is in store for touch gameplay with Stadia 4.13, which is already rolling out via the Play Store. This is made possible by new business touch buttons.

Unlike earlier incarnations of touch controls, which displayed the typical button designs, these buttons’ intended use is displayed. For instance, an image of a person jumping will be displayed in place of the A button. For L1, Y, and R2, respectively, we see a grenade, a pistol, and a bullet in the other examples provided.









This appears to be a very typical first-person shooter control arrangement based just on the icons used. We think this is our first instance of Stadia’s game-specific touch controls when combined with the prior hint for developer-customized controls. However, we think that the precise buttons shown above are only meant to serve as an example of what’s possible, not as a control system that will be implemented in a game any time soon.

This is consistent with Xbox Game Pass streaming ‘s efforts to design distinctive and stylish touchscreen controllers for supported games or merely conceal controls not used by a given game.

STREAMING AT 1440P? If you have Stadia Pro and a monitor that is greater than 1440p but smaller than 4K and are playing Stadia games on a desktop or laptop, the web app can automatically provide a native 1440p resolution stream. Despite the presence of even 4K capable phones like those in the Sony Xperia line, there is no option to stream anything higher than 1080p on Android.

There is a new mention of UPTO 1440P in the code of Stadia 4.13, which may indicate that steps are being taken to provide a better resolution through the mobile app. A native 1440p display on the Pixel 6 Pro would be ideal for such an enhancement. However, it’s also conceivable that this code was created with Stadia’s Android TV app in mind, which might theoretically benefit from the slightly higher resolution.

BITS AND PINNERS The Stadia app is also working on a few minor projects. To begin with, Google is continuing to change any references to Stadia Pro that include the word free to read at no cost or no additional expense. For Stadia Pro subscribers, nothing is changing, although Google’s phrasing is now a little bit clearer.

Then start with Destiny 2: The Collection to unlock VIP benefits like 4k, HDR, 5.1 surround sound, and free games every month.

Then start with Destiny 2: The Collection to unlock VIP benefits like 4k, HDR, 5.1 surround sound, and new games introduced each month at no additional cost.

We also discover that Stadia has started integrating two new Flutter plugins, one for playing videos and the other for accessing files on your device. The in-app capture player for Stadia doesn’t appear to be impacted by the update as of yet.

packages include third-party flutter plugins for path providers for Android and iOS as well as third-party flutter plugins for path providers for Android and iOS in their source code.

Thanks to JEB Decompiler , several APK Insight teardowns are made possible.
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