‘Game Dashboard’ From Pixel Could Be Added To Play Services

Google permits a number of manufacturers to use the Android operating system, but it reserves some features for its own Pixel phones. Game Dashboard is one feature, though Play Services may eventually include it. This will enable it on a large number of additional Android devices.

HOW DOES GAME DASHBOARD WORK? Since gaming on smartphones has been more popular recently, several OEMs have included a hub or gaming dashboard with options you may utilize to improve your gaming experience.

The Google Game Dashboard operates in a similar manner. This useful portal provides FPS counters, Do Not Disturb buttons, and game enhancements. You may directly live broadcast to YouTube using the hub as well. If you take your Android gaming seriously, this is a terrific tool to use.

Advertisement This function debuted with the Pixel 6 and is still present on Pixel smartphones. However, according to Espers Mishaal Rahman, it appears that Game Dashboard will be made available through the Google Play Services to more Android smartphones. He hinted in a tweet that it might happen but couldn’t yet confirm it with certainty.

In the tweet, the user displays the Google Play Services area of the settings app on a Pixel phone. Under the Find my device option, we can find the Game Dashboard settings. You may access the settings from there.

You should, ostensibly, be able to access the settings on other Android devices because the Google Play Services option is featured on the majority of contemporary Android phones.

Advertisement Google is working to move Game Dashboard from SystemUIGoogle to Google Play Services, as I previously stated. Though I can’t yet confirm it, this will probably make the feature available for non-Pixel smartphones. Anyway, here is your first glimpse of the GMS game dashboard! https://t.co/jYf2YEQVzj pic.twitter.com/tncEj45xMh

Mishaal Rahman has AA3 on Twitter.

Advertisement Rahman also sent another tweet that demonstrates part of the Android code. The code also suggests that this function will be added to the Google Play Services category.

You’ll have to wait if you’re eager to use Game Dashboard on a non-Pixel smartphone. It’s impossible to predict if this feature will be added to other phones. You should treat this information with caution because it pertains to software that contains hidden code.


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